Friday, June 18, 2010


TWO hustles back to back.

Starting point: The fountains at 27th and Normal
Starting time: Meet at 8, race at 8:30
Entry fee: 5 bux but the prizes are stellar.
And have a little spare change - you never know when it could come in handy. . .

Starting point:Screen Ink., 416 11th street
Starting time: Meet at 6, race at 6:30
Entry fee: FREE


July's First Friday is fast approaching (July 2nd, two weeks away) and I wanted to spread the good word about an official hustle for the BIKLOPS Poster Exhibit brought to you by Screen Ink. print shop.

This hustle will be completely FREE! So you faithful reader, have NO reason not to come. I have your ip address (joking, I don't even know my own) and I know where you live (not joking), so you better be there or something will happen in your future!

Anyways, let's get to the details of this race:

DATE ................ July 2nd, 2010
LOCATION .... Screen Ink., 416 11th street (near the Old Pub)
MEET ............... 6pm
RACE ................ 6.30pm
FEE ................... A Solid Hi-Five! (with your hand, no money included aka FREE!!!!!!!)

After the race, everyone is invited back at Screen Ink. for the BIKLOPS Poster Exhibit where all proceeds from Poster sales go to help support the great work the GPTN (Great Plains Trail Network) is doing for the city of Lincoln.

This race also has a FB rsvp if you so desire to do so, link here.