Thursday, February 24, 2011

ALRIGHT EVERYONE. we all know it's snowing. but who knows what the weather is going to be like tomorrow..........

the hustle is still ON.

i have decided to take one checkpoint off making it a mere 5 mile race. honestly this is going to last no more than 30 minutes. UNLESS when we all gather at the starting line and the majority of you vote on having that 1 checkpoint.

come ready to vote. but having a 5 mile race will open up our friday evening to spend drinking and having good warm fun. whatever that means.questions, ask - otherwise i'll see you all tomorrow. .

***There will be a raffle [even if you don't race] at the OLD PUB prizes include 1 hour massage. 2 tickets to the Prairie Pride Film festival. herb garden. a small but totally awesome painting by Kim Brown. plus a few more. winners get prizes too. Race $5 / Raffle $1 / Old Pub [only] takes cash. there's an ATM so don't sweat. tell yer friends.

- Amburr

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Alright - lots of stuff going on soon so PAY ATTENTION

First up is Amburr's debut :

February 25 [friday]
Meet: Holdrege Bridge at 7:30
Race: 8pm

Dress warm and expect chilly/snowy/icy weather. Bring $5 to race and extra cash for the Raffle and Booze. The final checkpoint is the Old Pub and they only accept cash. If you know a minor who is racing let me know so they can get in the pub O.K. The bartender needs to know or else... (minors only allowed in bar until 10)

Raffle Prizes
-1 hour massage
-Kim Brown Painting
and maybe some other goodies.

Then March will bring us the second annual DAN KROLL SCRABBLE HUSTLE

Catch your breath fast because

Thursday March 31st meet Clint at the Oak Lake Island at 8pm. I asked Clint about this hustle and he just went quiet and ominously stated "you just tell them to be ready for ANYTHING."

There will be a Hustle the last Thursday of every month starting in March.
See you there.