Friday, July 27, 2012

Hustle de Lincoln

Head on over to to find out about the month long hustle for August!

This is the sort of card you're looking for at each of the stops: Each stop will have a different number you'll need to text in!

The regular Hustle will be on August 30th, cuddles at 730pm, unprotected racing at 8pm. 2948 Cable Ave.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


29 cyclists participated, helping Rhino celebrate his birthday and raising over $150.00 for the Star City Pride Victim Recovery Fund in the process. A small storm moved through Lincoln within 5 minutes of the race beginning, drenching the participants. It was awesome. Much thanks to Minda Loo for, once again, hosting the annual event and to the ladies who showed up with their instruments and provided music. Congratulations to Josh and Jeremiah for their win and to Laura for her 1st place female win.

Hustle. Results.

Some people wanted to know how much they didn't win, so I present to you these OFFICIAL RESULTS: 1. Josh - Jeremiah 2. Ronnie - Tasha 3. Kupo - Kelly 4. Ian - Tony 5. Laura - Aaron 6. Matt A - Kimball 7. Setzer - Bob 8. Bennett - Jared 9. Andy - Jenny 10. Jeff - Charles 11. Russel - Meghan 12. Dar - Caroline (time DQ) 13. Graham - Rob (time DQ) 14. Justin - Tammy (time DQ) All complaints about these results should be directed at Patrick, because he had nothing to do with them and he will enjoy hearing about your troubles. -DK

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lincoln. Crummy weekend. Come race with us.

Let's get together. 
If you live in Lincoln, or happened to be here this Thursday, come race your bike with us. 

The Rhino beckons.

 It's his birthday.

Thursday July, 26th   
520 A Street
Meet 7:30 pm
Race at 8:00 pm

21+. $5 per racer.  Proceeds will go to Star City Pride''s victim recovery fund.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Thursday July, 26th Meet at 730 Race at 8 520 A Street. $5