Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursday Racer List

If your name isn't on the list, Justine didn't get your RSVP in time. Come cheer on or something.

Thad Aerts
Ryan Albertson
Andrew Amen
Abigail Bliss
Kimberly Brown
Sydney Brown
Tyler Carmichael
Conrad CastaƱeda
Erin Frank
Shane Harders
Emily Harrenstein
Amber Hollmann
Daniel Kroll
Tracy Murray
Russell Parde
Erik Putens
Elisabeth Reinkordt
Ian Robertson
Clint Robinson
Rebecca Sands
Matt Setzer
Andrew Shannon
Michael Walter
Charlie Stanard


aaron wk said...

looks like a lot of FUN!

can't wait to have FUN! again soon.

thad said...

kick-ass race tonight! super fun! thanks girls for setting it up-

DesIan said...

tons of fun guys... thanks!

rhino said...

that. was. awesome!!

c_c_rider said...

will the results times be posted?