Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Return of the Scrabble Hustle

Meet at 7:30 pm Thursday March 29th at Center courtyard of SouthPointe Pavilions (between Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret)

Race starts at 8:00pm


7 checkpoints, one letter per checkpoint

Highest scoring word wins.

Race ends 45 minutes after first rider finishes.

Finishing involves assembling a word with as many letters from the checkpoints as the rider can use.

1st rider to finish: triple word score

2nd rider to finish: double word score

3rd rider to finish: triple letter score

4th rider to finish: double letter score

Using seven letters for one word ‘bingo’: 50 points

All checkpoints are optional. Riders must have a word to finish, and all words must be in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary 3rd edition.

Only letters that are used to form a word count toward scores. Only one letter can be used from each checkpoint.

1 comment:

aaron wk said...

Still the most creative and most fun of all the hustles. Good work, Dan!