Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hoppy Hustle comin' up

Thursday, April 26, 2012

  • via host Jeremiah...

    "What the chuck is a hustle? Well, a hustle is a type of bicycle scavenger hunt that takes place across an urban area by a group of surly, drunken cyclists that results in a race to the death. The first racer to reach the final destination having visited all given checkpoints and completing all physical/mental/liquid challenges wins. This month's HUSTLE!! will be an ode to that crazy mythical creature the Easter Bunny. Not because he's really that cool or anything but mostly because Easter just got over and all the sweet, stale Easter stuff at Walgreens was 90% off.

    Why: Glory

    When: Plum Street Alley Cat Races start 5:30 pm
    Hustle Starts 7pm sharp.

    Entry Fee: $5


    Men's Fastest

    Women's Fastest

    Men's Inebriated

    Women's Inebriated

    Men's/Women's Style

    What do I need?: Bicycle, brews, small bag"

    RSVP on the Facespace, if you like...that's where you'll find the address of the Tree Top Lounge, where the fun begins.
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