Thursday, June 1, 2017

Promcoming 2017 Recap

The Promcoming 2017 Riffraff - King+King: Jake & Rhino (behind the balloon), Princess and Prince: Ella & Dan

Quick recap of Promcoming 2017 for you from the host, Josh: 
It doesn't always workout that the host gets to participate in their own hustle, but fortunately my brother had the night off and he was able to run the finishing checkpoint for me. Thanks Cal!

We had 24 people at the start, and after getting a few stags partnered up we started the festivities. In order to keep things moving, we split the field in half to each of the first two stops (Art Class and P.E.), and then they'd do the other one.

My date and I headed off to PE class w/Coach Hansen:

He and his assistant, Coach Molly, had quite the workout routine for us. There was dribbling a soccer ball through some cones, a rope swing, basketball, partner jump rope, wheelbarrows, and then what I dubbed the welcome to hell station: 10 jumping jacks, 20 situps, and 20 burpees. Ouch. 😂

From there we went up to Art Class with Mr. Schmitty, where one of us had to recreate a watercolor that he painted waaaay back in his school days...Oh, and they had to do it blindfolded w/instructions from the non-blindfolded person. My partner offered up being blindfolded and we got our art on! (We did well enough for 2nd place in the art show!)

After the art stop, we were off to Minda's for a partner egg carry across her front yard. In another life I was likely a very good waiter because I carried that egg on a spoon with some mad speed. Our egg-of went off without a hitch and my date made it back across the yard w/o any issues. We grabbed our rad star balloon and headed to the final checkpoint.

The final checkpoint was a build a boutonniere/create a corsage to give to your partner*. We popped into Hot Mess where Mr. Metzner was there with supplies for us to get our craft on. After a Pim's cup and PBR tallboy we finished up and went into Method Cycles for the finish!

*It was at this point that I realized I left a checkpoint off the cue card...The Cheer Your Partner stop. Sorry I screwed this up Johnny! I owe you a drink or three! 

Method was nice enough to give us dollar off all beers and we had quite the afterparty. Unfortunately I had to leave early to get some real-life work done, but a good time was still had.

Thanks to all our stop hosts for making a very memorable evening! And thanks to everyone for coming out! See you on June 29th for the Handup Hustle! 

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