Wednesday, August 9, 2017


All is darkness...The Five Dragon Lords have stolen the Golden Chains of Light. High Life taps across the land run dry. Radness is nowhere to be found.

To you has fallen the most dangerous task - to recover King Eric's Golden Chains of Light. Your mission is deadly, but it is your fate. Prophets have long foretold of your coming.

Mere bike speed and sweat are no match for the challenges of this hustle. You will be required to strategerize and team up to defeat your enemies.

Search out each of the Dragon Lords' lairs to battle for control of each Golden Chain of Light and face your destiny! You are the DRAGON WARRIOR.

Your adventure begins at Standing Bear Park on August 31st at 7pm!

When: August 31st, 7pm
Where: Standing Bear Park
Race: 730pm
Bring: A partner to race with, five bucks for community beer. (And if you can't sucker a friend into coming with you, we'll find you a partner!)

This is your once-in-a-year chance to win a hustle vest. The winning team of 2 will be patched in with two of these bad-mfers:

All finishers will get a sweet Lincoln Hustle sticker too:

Some teaser shots:

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